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Tibetan Spaniel

Chaz, Sasha & Sadie

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Other Names

Tibet, Middle Ages.
Despite its name, the Tibetan Spaniel is not a Spaniel at all. It is closely related to the Pekingese and Japanese Chin. They were developed by Tibetan Buddhist lamas to resemble lions, or foo dogs. They were used for companions and for guarding the monasteries. The dogs first arrived in England in the late ninteteenth century and were later introduced to the U.S in 1965.

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Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 13-14 years of age

Weight & Height
9 to 15 pounds & 10 inches tall

Known Health Problems
Cataracts, PRA

Physical Description
Small dog that is slightly longer than it is tall. The head is small in proportion to its body and carried proudly. It has a medium length muzzle. Ears are medium size and pendent. Tail is curled over the back and well feathered.

This little dog is cheerful & sociable. They are cautious with strangers but not yappy.. Lovable with children and other dogs & cats if introduced at a young age.

Living Conditions
Will do ok in apartment

Brush Regularly, about 2-3 times a week

Low to Moderate Activity Level. 2-3 Short walks daily are sufficient for this breed

Coat Texture
Double coated with silky, medium-length hair.

Coat Colors
This breed comes in a variety of acceptable colors.

2-4 pups per litter. Pups need to be obedience trained early as this breed can be somewhat stubborn

Continental Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, New Zealand Kennel Club, American Pet Registry, Fédération Cynologique Internationale,Canadian Kennel Club, National Kennel Club


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