Gayundah Tenterfield Terriers

Gayundah Tenterfield Terriers

Gayundah Tenterfield Terriers

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Tenterfield Terrier

Courtesy of Gayundah Tenterfield Terriers

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Other Names



Life Expectancy

Weight & Height
weight to be in proportian with the size of dog & 10 to 12 inches tall

Known Health Problems

Loyal & intelligent. This breed will do best with older children. They may not do well with smaller animals and some can be dog aggressive if not socialized with them early on..

Living Conditions
Will do ok in Apartment

Brush regularly & bathe only when neccessary

Walk on a lead or give space to run, however they can be fairly active indoors and require little exercise

Coat Colors
Prodiminetly white with black, liver or tan markings, can also come in brindle


American Pet Registry, Australian National Kennel Club


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Tenterfield Terriers Breeders

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Gayundah Tenterfield Terriers