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Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

This is Theodore Turbonetics (Turbo)

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Other Names
Short-legged Rat Terrier - Type B Rat Terrier


Use Today
Companion, Hunting

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 15-16 years of age

Weight & Height
weight varies , 8-14 inches tall

Known Health Problems

Physical Description
Low set, muscular, small to medium size dog. The head is broad and slightly domed and wedge-shaped. Ears are V-shaped and are erect or button. Eyes are round to almond shaped and the color is brown to amber.. Tail is usually docked, but can have a natural bob tail or natural tail carried in an upward curve.

Intelligents and curious. They do get along ok with other dogs.

easily trained

Living Conditions

Little coat care needed

Moderate exercise is needed. This breed is active.

Coat Texture
Short, Dense, medium-hard to smooth.

Coat Colors
White, tricolor with patches of black and tan or bi-color with or without tan or rust markings on the cheeks or above the eyes.


United Kennel Club


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Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Breeders

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Barnett's Rambling Terriers
Location:Georgia, USA
Contact: Lesa Barnett

Brooks Teddy Rosevelt Terriers
Location:Michigan, USA
Contact: Mary Ann

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