Abolla Gulshin

Abolla Dolon

Abolla Dolon

Abolla Dolon

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Abolla Gulshin

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Other Names
Kyrgyz sighthound, Kyrgyz taigan, Kyrgyz barsoi


Use Today
Hunting Dog

Life Expectancy
up to 15 years

Weight & Height
-- 25-30 kg & 22-28 inches tall at the shoulders

Known Health Problems

Affectionate and calm for the most part.. But once it is time to hunt the dog is ready to go. They are excellent hunting dogs

It's difficult to train a taigan for other purposes than he was bred for. It is also a watch dog by his instinct.

Living Conditions
Keeping a taigan in an apartment is possible only when the dog has a chance to have an every-day exercise. They may easily live outside.

The high-mountain type taigan (with thick hair) needs some brushing - once in two or three weeks), the valley type may be brushed occasionaly

High energy dogs need space to run like any sighthound.

Coat Texture
Soft, Thick, Long and Close with feathering

Coat Colors
Black,Red,Grey,Yellow,White or white with spot markings

5 to 9 puppies usually per litter

Recognized by many national Kennel Clubs (FCI members): Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Usbekistan, Kazakhstan,Moldova, etc.


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