Courtesy of Lija Spanish Water Dogs

Courtesy of Lija Spanish Water Dogs

Courtesy of Lija Spanish Water Dogs

Courtesy of Lija Spanish Water Dogs

Courtesy of Lija Spanish Water Dogs

Courtesy of Lija Spanish Water Dogs

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Spanish Water Dog
(Perro de Aguas)

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Spanish Water Dog
Perro de Aguas

Spain, Middle Ages

Use Today
Companion, Hunting

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 10-14 years of age

Weight & Height
26 to 44 pounds & 15-20 inches tall

Known Health Problems
Hip Dysplasia, PRA

Physical Description
Strong, medium size and deep chested. The eyees are hazel to chestnut in color and the tail is a natural bob or docked.

Active, intelligent and friendly. They are usually good with children and other dogs.

A quick learner should not be too difficult to obedience train

Living Conditions
Will do ok in apartment as long as it is exercised daily.

Unlike the Komondor and Puli, the cords of the coat form themselves. The coat can be sheered short if desired. Never brush the coat. Bathe only when necessary

The Spaish Water Dog needs to be exercised daily. They love to swim and also enjoy retrieving

Coat Texture
Coat is curly, woolly and weather protective. It will form coards as it grows longer

Coat Colors
Brown, Black, White, Black/White, Brown/White

-- pups per litter.

American Pet Registry
Fédération Cynologique Internationale
National Kennel Club
United Kennel Club


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Lija Spanish Water Dogs
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