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Siberian Huskies 2010 Wall Calendar
Siberian Husky 2010 Wall Calendar

Siberian Husky Leash Hook
Siberian Husky Leash Hook

Siberian Husky


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Other Names
Arctic Husky

Said to have been developed by the Chukchi Indians in Siberia over 3 thousand years ago.

The Siberian Husky was first used as a sled dog to pull small loads and for sled racing.. This breed today is used as a companian animal and sled racing, although they are not used as much for sled racing due to the more competitive Alaskan Husky. They were also used as a sled dog by the U.S Military in WWII

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 10-13 years of age

Weight & Height
35 to 60 pounds & 20 to 23 inches tall

Known Health Problems
Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts, Corneal Dystrophy, PRA

Physical Description
Medium size dog has a compact, muscular build. The ears are medium size and erect. The eyes are almond shaped and can be brown, blue or bi-colored. The nose is black, liver or flesh colored, with or without some pink streaking.

Active and Lively. This breed gets along well with children. They do like to chase other small animals , and are known to be escape artist. They should do ok with other dogs.

Living Conditions
This breed does not do well living in an apartment because it does require a lot of exercise. This breed thrives in cold climates & is content to sleep outdoors. They would do best with an active family

This breed should be brushed at least once a week especially when shedding

This breed requires a good hour of exercise daily. They are considered a high energy breed

Coat Texture
The Siberian Husky is double coated with a medium length, straight outer coat and a dense undercoat.

Coat Colors
This breeds coat comes in many colors including Black/White, Grey/White, Red/White and more

Siberian Huskies will usually birth 6-8 puppies per litter. Husky puppies are so cute, probably my favorite of all dog breeds just because of how beautiful they are

United Kennel Club
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American Pet Registry
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American Kennel Club


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Siberian Husky Breeders

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