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Shiloh Shepherd

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Other Names

United States, 1980's.
This breed was developed to revive the old style German Shepherd in size and type. The Shiloh Shepherd received official recognition in 1991 as a distinct breed

Use Today
Companion, Search & Rescue, Herding Events, Therapy Work, Service dog work

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 11-12 years of age

Weight & Height
80 to 160 pounds & 26-30 inches tall

Known Health Problems
Hip Dysplasia, AutoImmune issues, EPI- Exocrine Pancratic Insufficiency, MegaEsophagus, HypoThyroidism, Lymphoma, CardioMyopothy, AFDD ( degenerative Spinal Disease), Pannus, Perianal Fistulas

Friendly and intelligent.. This breed will make a great companion although they are not yet well known. They are good family protectors - they can be very aloof also

Living Conditions
Will do ok living in the city , but does need to be given the required amount of exercise daily

Brush a least once a week as this breed does shed alot and needs to have the dead hair brushed out regularly

This breed needs daily exercise. Preferably in a fence in yard or on a lead

Coat Texture
2 coat types. Smooth & Plush

Coat Colors
Black with Light Tan or Sable, Golden Tan, Reddish tan, silver, cream, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Solid Black, Solid White and more colors


American Pet Registry, American Rare Breed Association, National Kennel Club, International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, The Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Shiloh Shepherd Breed Association, American Canine Association, National Shiloh Breeders Association

For More Info On The Shiloh Shepherd
Visit International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club


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