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Shar Pei 2010 Wall Calendar

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Other Names
Chinese Fighting Dog, Chinese Shar-Pei

China 1500s.
Descended from mastiffs and spitz-type dogs. It is a close relative to the Chow Chow. This breed was once used for Dog Fighting. They are believed to be and ancient breed originating in the region around the small village of TAi Li in the Guangdong Province during the Han Dynasty.

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Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 11-12 years of age

Weight & Height
35 to 50 pounds & 16-20 inches tall

Known Health Problems
Amyloidosis, Cancer, Immune system problems, Shar-Pei fever, Skin Problems.

Physical Description
Medium size, compact to with distinctive loose skin that covers the head and body. It has an oval shaped muzzle, small ears and a high set tail. the tongue and lips are blueish black.

Affectionate, loves to play with children and makes a good house pet and guard dog. Wary of strangers.

Living Conditions
Will do ok in apartment if exercised but would do best in a rural or suburban home with an active owner

Brush with a stiff brush and massage coat with a towel

Exercise daily on a lead.

Coat Texture
Two coat types. A short and a longer coat.

Coat Colors
Cream, Fawn, Red, Black

4-6 pups per litter. Need early socialization

Continental Kennel Club
American Kennel Club
United Kennel Club
New Zealand Kennel Club
American Pet Registry
Fédération Cynologique Internationale
National Kennel Club


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Phone: 0151 924 5353

Mai-Tai Chinese Shar-Pei
Location: East Central Florida
Phone: 386 259 3179

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