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Redbone Coonhound

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Other Names

United States, 1800s.

Use Today
Companion, Hunting

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 11-12 years of age on average

Weight & Height
50 to 70 pounds & 21 to 26 inches tall at the shoulders

Known Health Problems
Fairly Heathly Breed

Physical Description
Large, muscular dog that is square. I has a broad head, square muzzle and large black nose. The eyeas are oval and hazel to dark brown in color. The ears are long and drop. The neck is strong and the chest is deep and the tail is sabrelike.

Affectionate companion and great hunter.. This dog is good with children. It is intelligent aned eager to please, making it more trainable than most hounds.

Dog will easily learn how to scent out and tree quarry as they are natural hunters.

Living Conditions
This breed will do ok in an apartment if exercised properly, however they do prefer a large fenced yard

Brush occasionally , especially during shedding

Lots of exercise needed. This dog should be kept in a fenced yard to keep them from running off

Coat Texture
Short & Smooth

Coat Colors
Red, Red/White


Continental Kennel Club
American Kennel Club
American Pet Registry
Fédération Cynologique Internationale
National Kennel Club
United Kennel Club


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