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Other Names
Russian Peterbald, Oriental Hairless

Russia, 1994
The Peterbald is not related the Spynx. But is closely related to the Donskoy or Don Hairless.

-- pounds

The Peterbald is usually a sweet tempered breed. They enjoy the company of other cats and also do well with children in the family. These cats are somewhat vocal, but not as much as the siamese.

Living Conditions
best kept indoors

Does not require to much grooming, Bathe the Peterbald about once a week and keep the ears clean


Coat Description
There are 3 coat types for the Peterbald those are Completely bald or Flock with a little down. Velour, which feels like velvet or Brush coat which is curly or wiry hair thin enough that you still see the skin.. Full coated Peterbalds are not used in the breeding programs as they do not carry the hairless gene.

Coat Colors
All Colors


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