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Dog Information Sites

~Dog Central~
Understand everything about owning a dog, which breed to choose and how to find the right dog for you

~Dog Breed Information~
Learn about the different dog breeds and find dog breeders as well as info on Hybrid dog breeds.

~Great Dog Site~
Quality information for over 350 dog breeds

~My Dog Breeds~
We provide information on many different breeds of dogs. Review our website before you rescue or buy a dog

DogsPet Supplies
PuppiesPet Store
Dog ToysDog Supplies

Visit this Dog Website:
Pet Tags

Dog Breeds at www.Dog-Breed-Facts.com

Contest Links

~Pet Cabaret~
A FREE pet photo contest where your pets could win cool prizes.

~Dog Pix And Flix~
Fun judged dog contests with different categories and LOTS of excellent dog photos

~1800 Pet Meds Photo Contest~
Add your photos and rate others pet photos.

~Tail of Two Kittens~
Add your photos and rate others pet photos.

~Cat Connection~
Free Monthly Cat Photo Contest.

Enter to win a discount on merchandise

Free for fun monthly cat photo contests.

Breeder Directories

PuppyPureBred.com is a large directory of dog lovers! View ads with pictures of puppies and dogs for sale

Dog Products

~Hot Diggidy Dog~
Dog collars and Accesories.

~Nothing Butt Dogs~
Cute dog butt merchandise

~Personalized Pet Gifts~
Free Shipping on unique and customized pet gifts, giftware for cats, dogs and favorite pets, pet lover gifts and much more. Visit Cheappetstore.com today.

~Dog Collars~
Hundreds of dog collars and designer dog collars for any size dog or pet. Choose from an absolutely huge selection at discount and wholesale prices. The best place to do for Dog collars.

~Dog Poop 4Less~
If you are looking of waste disposal products, including those that will help you in cleaning your dogs waste easier, you will surely love our dog poop disposal products. Dog Poop 4Less offers high quality waste disposal products for your dogs and pups.

~Get Custom Dog Beds~
Give your dog the comfort it deserves. Customize your dogs' bed with a variety of designs, fabrics and color combinations. We are your destination for all dog furniture needs.

~High Quality Discount Dog Beds ~
Give your dog the comfort it deserves. Customize your dogs' bed with a variety of designs, fabrics and color combinations. We are your destination for all dog furniture needs.

~Dog Shampoo and Pet Shampoo~
Natural dog shampoo and other dog grooming products! 100% Guaranteed products. Excellent for dry dog skin. Essential oil dog perfume, dog soap, pad balm, dog detangler, and dog gifts!

~Dog Supplies ~
Lucy's Dog House is the place to shop for great dog supplies. Whether you are looking for dog collars, beds or dog toys, this is the right place. Plus, we donate a percentage of every purchase to dog rescues, so every time you buy not only are you getting something great for your dog, you are helping out rescue dogs.

~Dog Supplies ~
Buy Discount Pet Supplies with Free Shipping

Dog Tags- dogidtags.org

pet gifts

dog id tags

pet tags

dog id

name tags

cat tags

dog tags

dog collars

pet id tags

Site Directory Links

~Dog Directory~
Links to Dog Websites

~Cat Directory~
Links to Cat Websites

~Dog Training Articles 24x7~
Your Online Information Directory

The ultimate online information directory about dog training that leaves no question unanswered

Chazhound Dog Directory
PuppySites.Com KittySites.Com
A Dog Lover's Website - Dog pictures, free Dog eCards and Information.
Pet Directory
Pet Web Directory.

Forum Links

~Dog.com Forums~
Anything Related to Dogs

~Labradoodle Forums~
Labradoodle discussion forum and breeder directory!


~Precious Pets Photography~
Your delightful pet... Our passion for photography Creating memories lasting forever with PRECIOUS PETS PHOTOGRAPHY

~Dog In My Suitcase~
Dog Friendly Hotels

~Animal Expressions~
Animal Communicator, Pet Psychics & Animal healers Elizabeth Lee-Crowther & Marcus Lee-Crowther

~Bunny Roo~
The Life & Times of Bunny Roo A Beagle's Perspective

~Pet Loss Coping~
Support and grieving information and resources for people who have loved a beloved pet. Includes memorial and condolence gifts.

~Pet Urns~
Americas #1 pet artist Alyson Whitney offers handcrafted personalized ceramic pet urns, memorial and burial urns for your loved one. Affordable prices and FREE shipping.

~Pet Dogs,Cats and other Small Animals~
Free search for all types of pets for sale, Advertise your pet or small animal for sale.

~Maine Coon Cats~
The classic Maine Coon is a brown tabby or brown tabby with white, but the breed is available in virtually every hue, with the exception of chocolate and lavender colors, or pointed or ticked tabby patterns.

~Dog Health ~
Find answers to your dog health questions at dogchannel.com. Our goal is to provide our visitors the information that they need to keep their pets healthy and safe. Log on now for more details.

~Ragdoll Cats ~
Surprisingly low-maintenance for a long haired cat. Although a Ragdoll cats fur does not mat, experts advise brushing your kitten once or twice weekly.


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