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Other Names

Germany, 1800s
Created using the Landseer, Newfoundland, St. Bernard & Great Pyrenees by Alderman Heinrich , wishing to produce a dog that resembled the lion on the Imperial Coat of Arms of the Town Hall of Leonberg, Germany

Use Today

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 11 years of age

Weight & Height
75-110 Pounds & 26-31 Inches at the shoulders

Known Health Problems
Hip Dysplasia, Bone Disease, Addison's Disease, Bloat, Cancer, Ectropion, Entropion, Hypothyroidism, OCD.

Physical Description
Strong, powerful dog that is well proportioned with a powerful head. The muzzle is deep, The ears are drop and medium size and the eyes are brown. The tail is long and bushy.

Loyal, Intelligent and gentle in nature.. This breed is great with children & other dogs. They will alert you of strangers but that is all and their job is done.

Quick learner and fairly easy to train

Living Conditions
Not suitable for apartment living

Brush and Comb regularly to remove dead hairs

Extensive Exercise Required for this breed. Needs daily walks and time off lead to run about

Coat Colors
Golden Yellow to Red Brown with dark face.. Tips of hairs should be black

Coat Texture
Soft fo firm coat of medium length hair with thick under coat

5-10 pups per litter

Continental Kennel Club
New Zealand Kennel Club
American Pet Registry
Fédération Cynologique Internationale
Canadian Kennel Club
National Kennel Club


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