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Other Names
Dutch Decoy Spaniel, Kooiker dog

The Netherlands, 1700s

Use Today
Companion, Gundog

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 12-13 years of age

Weight & Height
20-24 Pounds & 14-16 Inches

Known Health Problems
Von Willebrand's Disease, Cataracts, Patella Luxation, Epilepsy, Hereditary Necrotizing Myelopathy

Physical Description
Small dog that has a broad head, brown, almond-shaped eyes, black nose and long drop ears that are featherd. Tail is long and feathered.

Cheerful, friendly dog that bonds closely to its family. This breed is not suitable for children as they can be quite sensitive. The Kooikerhondje usually does well with other dogs and cats if socialized with them young. They are also reserved with strangers although they seldom bark

The Kooikerhonje needs consistant training, they are intelligent and eager to learn

Living Conditions
The Kooikerhondje will do ok in apartment or city if exercised properly

Brush regularly & keep ears clean

They do need alot of daily exercise. They enjoy swimming and retrieving. They will also do well at agility and flyball

Coat Texture
Double coat has a sleek, outer coat that is straight or wavy.

Coat Colors
White/Orange with black ear tips

3-6 pups per litter are easy to raise

United Kennel Club, American Pet Registry
Fédération Cynologique Internationale


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