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Kai Dog

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Other Names
Kai Inu, Tora Inu, Kai-ken

Japan, 1700s.
The Kai dog is an ancient japanese breed that was developed as a hunting dog on Honshu Island. This breed is still quiet rare.

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Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 11-13 years of age

Weight & Height
35 to 40 pounds & 18 to 23 inches tall

Known Health Problems
None Known

Physical Description
Medium size, sturdy, spitz type dog. It has a broad, wedge shaped head, a black nose and small dark eyes. The ears are triangular, large and prick and the tail curls over the back.

The Kai Dog tends to be a one person dog.. They are wary of strangers but not aggressive. They are courageous hunters with a strong prey drive but are gentle and devoted to its family.. The usually get along well with other dogs.

Living Conditions
They need an active owner who lives in the country of suburbs.


High Activity Level

Coat Texture
Double coated with a thick, soft undercoat and a harsh, straight outer coat.

Coat Colors
Black/Brindle, Red/Brindle, or Brindle, it can sometimes have white on the legs, chest and belly.

-- pups per litter.

United Kennel ClubFédération Cynologique Internationale


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