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Other Names
Korean Jindo Dog

Korea, Middle Ages
Believed to be a result of crosses between indegenous korean dogs and dogs brought by the Mongols during the thirteenth century invasion of korea. These dogs were isolated on the Jindo Island when part of the army withdrew there taking there dogs with them, and as a result of the isolation breed became very pure. In 1938 the Jindo was designated as a national treasure by the korean government.

Use Today
Companion, Hunting, Watchdog

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 11-12 years of age

Weight & Height
35-40 pounds & 16-23 inches tall at the shoulders

Known Health Problems
Hypothyroidism, Hip Dysplasia, Skin Allergies, Temperament problems.

Physical Description
Medium size, sturdy dog with small prick ears, and small, almond shaped eyes.. The tail is thick and curls over the back.

Protective of the family and aloof with strangers.. They are a hard worker with a strong prey drive. They are intelligent and independent and may try to be dominant.. As a result they can be aggressive with other dogs.

The Jindo needs firm handling and consistancy

Living Conditions
Will do ok with apartment/city living if exercised properly, but they would be best with and experienced, active owner in a rural or suburban household.

Daily brushing is needed. This dog sheds heavily twice a year

Walk this dog daily, They are a high energy dog and do need to be exercised regularly

Coat Texture
The Jindo has a medium length double coat. The outer coat is harsh and straight being heavier at the neck and chest.

Coat Colors
White, Fawn, Black/White, Fawn/White, Black, Black/Tan, Brindle

-- pups per litter



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