Free Contest Rules & Entries


1.You can vote 1 time Per 12 hours, This means if you vote at 2pm then you will not be able to vote again until 2am the following morning. Not before

2. NEW RULE EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 2005: We DO NOT allow the use of vote exchange boards. This can lead to disqualification of your pet from the contest.. It is ridiculous to see one pet get hundreds of votes in a matter of a days when other pets get very little votes.. Please know that someone will email me and tell me if they see this happening so just don't do it.

3.There are no real prizes awarded in this contest. 1st place winners will have their photos posted up in our winners galleries and will receive a graphic award, 2nd place through 4th place can get a graphic award upon request.


1.You can send in as many pet photos as you wish as long as they are of different pets. If you enter 2 of the same pet, one photo will be entered and possibly the 2nd photo will be held onto for a future contest

2.Photos must be of good clear quality, if photos are blurry or are framed or have writing on them , they may not be entered. Our contests fill up fast and don't want to waste space on poor photos..

3.Photos must be no smaller then 250X187 pixels or 187X250 Pixels in size.. If they are any smaller then they may not be entered. Do not send photos that were taken on a cell phone, these picture are extremly small and can not be resized to fit properly into the contest with out degrading the quality. Also not send photos that have been cropped in a matter that does not allow them to fit in the 250X187 slot on the contest page, these entries will not be entered.... please try to downsize your photos when sending them so that they do not take up all of my email space. If you do not have a program to resize your photos you can still send them , i can resize them myself if necessary

4.Our contests do fill up several months in advance sometimes, so if you send a photo your pet most likely will not appear in our contest for at least a couple of months.

5.Pets Place does not claim any copyrights to your photos. however, if you send in your photos you are giving us permission to post your pets photos on our website for photo contests, winners galleries, breed profile pages and for banners are advertising for our site only. We will not sell your photos or distribute them to anyone. Please make sure you are ok with this before sending in your photos.

6.All photos need to be in .jpg , .gif , or , .bmp formats.. We do not accept zipped files and will discard your entry if sent in this format

7.Absolutely No people are allowed in the photos.. photos must be of animals only unless permitted for a theme contest

8.I have the right to crop or resize photos as i see fit for my website, this mean part of your photo may be cropped to fit the size that i need. I do appolize for this but we need photos to be a certain size to keep load times at a minimum

9. Once a photo is entered , it cannot be pulled from the contest. So if you think you may get mad if your pet loses or any other reason and may want your pet pulled, i suggest you not enter your pets photo in my contest. I do these contests for a fun way to show of your pets photos, i am appalled at how disgruntled some people are over a silly little pet contest.. . I will no longer be removing photos from the contest page once voting starts.. It is a pain for me to re-code everything and I hope you will understand..


Send your Photo

Please include the following information when sending your photo

Pets Name:
Pets Breed:
Owners Name:
Valid Email:
Attach Photo & Send

Please note that I do not send confirmation when photos are sent to me, i just don't have time to respond to everyone, your pet will most likely be entered in what ever month i am accepting for at the time.. i will email you a reminder when the contest begins.. I will be limiting entries depending on how booked we are at the time. Please do not enter the same photo that you have entered in the past as it won't be accepted.

Regular Monthly Contests

Send Cat Photo
(Accepting for all months in 2011)
Only Photos of Good Clear Quality will be Accepted due to too many entries and limited space. This contest runs monthly

Send Dog Photo
(Accepting for all months in 2011)
Only Photos of Good Clear Quality will be accepted due to too many entries and limited space.. This contest runs monthly

Send Your Pet Photo
(Accepting for all months in 2011)
Send a photo of your pet bird, Hamster, horse, rabbit or any other pet that does not fit into the cat or dog category.. This Contest Runs Monthly

Theme Contests for 2012

Pretty Eyes
(Contest will be in 2012)
Send photos of your pet showing there beautiful eyes, photo must be a head shot of close up of the dogs face

Best Friends
(Contest will be in 2012)
Send photos of your pets hanging out with their best animal friend

Water Fun
(Contest will be in 2012)
Send photos of your pets all wet or playing in the water.

Dirty Pets
(Contest will be in 2012)
Send photos of your pets at their messiest, cover in mud etc.

Dress Up
(Contest will be in 2012)
Send photos of your pets all dressed up

Senior Pets
(Contest will be in 2012)
Send photos of your pets in there senior years

(Contest will be in 2012)
Send photos of your pets when they were babies

Snow Fun
(Contest will be in 2012)
Send photos of your pets playing in the snow

(Contest will be in 2012)
Send photos of your pet sitting next to, or with flowers

(Contest will be in 2012)
Send photos of your pet with their favorite toy

(Contest will be in 2012)
Send photos of your pets dressed up for Halloween, or standing by a pumpkin.


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