Eurasian Dog

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Eurasian Dog

Germany, 1950s
This dog is the result of crossing Samoyeds, Chow Chows & Keeshond.

Companion, Sled Pulling

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 12 years of age

Weight & Height
50 to 66 pounds & 18 to 22 inches tall at the shoulders

Known Health Problems
Eye Disease, Hip Dysplasia, Luxating patellas

Physical Description
Medium size, dog with wedge shaped head, tapering muzzle and strong jaw.. The eyes are dark and the ears are trangular and prick. The tail is busy and is carried over the back.

A loyal dog that is calm and friendly. They get along well with children but are reserved with strangers. Socialize them with other animals while they are young and they will most likely do fine with them

This is an Intelligent breed that usually learns quickly although they need a handler who will be consistent in their training

Living Conditions
They require an experienced, over in a rural or suburban household

During shedding, comb coat thoroughly

This breed needs alot of daily exercise, they love to run and play

Coat Texture
Medium length stiff hairs on the outercoat with a thick and woolly undercoat

Coat Colors

Wolf Sable

Light Grey





Black Tan

2-3 puppies are usually born per litter.

Australian National Kennel Club


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Eurasier Breeders

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