Estrela Mountain Dog
Co da Serra da Estrela

Courtesy of Alina Geishofer

Courtesy of Alina Geishofer

image by Pleple2000 at the
wikimedia commons

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Estrela Mountain Dog
Co da Serra da Estrela

Portugal, Middle Ages
The Estrela Mountain Dog is related to the Spanish Mastiff.

Companian, Livestock Guarding

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 11-13 years of age

Weight & Height
66 to 100 pounds & 25-28 inches tall

Known Health Problems

Physical Description
Large, powerful, compact dog with a strong head and long tapering muzzle. The nose is dark with wide nostrils. The eyes are amber color and oval in shape. The ears are thin, round and drop. It has a thick neck and sickle shaped tail.

Affectionate, but can also be stubborn and independent. It bonds closely with its family and people it knows. But the Estrela Mountain Dog can be wary of strangers.

A quick learner, provided it doesn't get bored with its training.

Living Conditions
This is an adaptable dog that does well in both suburban and rural homes with an active or sedentary family.


Happiest with plenty of space, they love going for walks.

Coat Texture
long-haired & short-haired coats are both abundant with a under-layer of fine, short hairs.

Coat Colors





Fédération Cynologique Internationale
United Kennel Club


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