Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
Czech Wolfdog

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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
Ceskoslovensky Vlak
Czech Wolfdog
Slovak Wolfdog

Czech/Slovak Republics, 1980s
Created by crossbreeding the German Shepherd with the Carpathian Timber Wolf


Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 10-12 years of age

Weight & Height
44 to 77 pounds & 24 to 29.5 inches at the shoulders

Known Health Problems
Hip Dysplasia

Physical Description
This dog very much has the appearance of a wolf.
They have amber color eyes, a long bushy tail that is carried upright mostly.

Bonds well with its handler. however this dog is wary of strangers and some are even afraid of strangers.
They are good with children and other animals with in the home, but may not be with children or animals that it does not know.

This dog is intelligent and can learn well , however they need Firm and patient training that challenges the dog. They will become bored with repetition.

Living Conditions
Will do ok in Apartment if exercised properly

This dog is a heavey shedder and will need to be brush to remove dead hairs

Lots of Daily Exercise Needed. Take for daily walks and/or give lots of fenced yard room to run.

Coat Texture
Straight outer coat with a thick undercoat in the winter months

Coat Colors
Vary shades of the following



4-8 Puppies are usually born per litter. Training and socialization neeed to begin early with this breed.

American Pet Registry, Fédération Cynologique Internationale

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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Breeders

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Marsh Wolfdogs
Location: South Kent U.K
Phone: 01233 758329

z Peronowki
Location: Gubin, Poland
Phone: 0048601812184


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