Cesky Terrier
Bohemian Terrier, Czech Terrier

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Cesky Terrier
Czech Terrier
Bohemian Terrier
Czesky Terrier

Czech Republic, 1940s
Descended from the Sealyham and Scottish Terriers and possibly the Dandie Dinmont
The Cesky Terrier is rare in the United States.

Companion, Hunting

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 12 -14 years of age

Weight & Height
12 to 18 pounds & 10-14 inches tall at the shoulders

Known Health Problems
Scottie Cramp

Physical Description
Medium size dog that is muscular and slightly longer than it is tall. They have large head that is blunt and long with a large nose that is black or liver. The eyes are deep and medium size. The ears are drop and close to the head.

Affectionate family dog that is always loving with children and are sociable with other family pets. They are very mild termpered for a terrier

The Cesky Terrier is not too difficult to train

Living Conditions
Will do ok in apartment

Should be trimmed regularly. Brush at least a few times a week

This breed has average demand for exercise. Take for daily walks or let the dog frolic and play outdoors in fenced area

Coat Texture
Thick and silky

Coat Colors





3-6 pups are usually born per litter. Pups are born black and Chocolate Brown, the coats will lighten to Gray and Ligh Brown as the dog matures.

Continental Kennel Club
United Kennel Club
American Pet Registry
Fédération Cynologique Internationale
Canadian Kennel Club
National Kennel Club


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