Canadian Pointer
Adirondak Pointing Dog

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Canadian Pointer
Adirondak Pointing Dog

United States

Companion, Gundog

Life Expectancy
This breed can live as long as 12-15 years of age

Weight & Height
45 to 60 pounds & 22 to 30 inches tall at the shoulders

Known Health Problems
Hip Dysplasia, Cherry Eye, Epilepsy, Allergies, Luxating Patella, and Ear Infections.

Physical Description

Intelligent and even tempered. They are content to live as a family pet in a home with children. They should however be socialized with other dogs from and early age.

They can be trained , especially when using treat based training. They can be trained to track, hunt, point and retrieve.

Living Conditions
Not suitable for apartment living

Brush with a bristle brush when needed. only minimal grooming is needed

They should be provided alot of space to run and taken on daily walks. Canadian Pointers that are not exercised properly can become destructive.

Coat Texture
Short and Coarse

Coat Colors

Black & White

Brown & White

Black White

Brown White




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Canadian Pointer Breeders

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