American Staffordshire Terrier
Am Staff

Photo Courtesy of MVH Rasmus From Denmark

Photo Courtesy of MVH Rasmus From Denmark


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American Staffordshire Terrier
Am Staff

United States 1800s.
Once known as the same breed as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier but was selectively bred for greater height & weight with a bulker build. They were recognized as a seperate breed in 1936. This breed was first used for bull baiting & fighting


Life Expectancy
This breed can live up to 12 years on average

Weight & Height
40 to 50 pounds & 17-19 inches tall

Known Health Problems
Cataracts, Hip Dysplasia , Heart Disease, Allergies, Cancer, Thyroid Problems

Physical Description
Medium-size, compact, stocky, and muscular with a broad skull, medium lenght muzzle and a strong jaw. The eyes are dark and round and the ears are cropped erect or naturally rose or semi-erect. The chest is deep and broad and the hindquarters are muscular. The tail is naturally short and tapers to a point.

Can be gentle & affectionate with both children and adults. This dog is potentially dangerous with other dogs and should be socialized with them early. They make a great guard dog


Living Conditions
Will do ok in apartment, only if exercised daily.

Little grooming needed

Daily walks are needed for this breed

Coat Texture
Short and stiff

Coat Colors
The Am Staff comes in a variety of colors including brindles


Image by Slant6guy at Wikimedia Commons

5-10 puppies are usually born per litter. Puppies need early socialization and training to keep them from becoming aggressive. When raised properly , they make a great family pet.

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Photo Courtesy of MVH Rasmus From Denmark



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American Stafforshire Terrier Breeders

Please make sure you do your research on every breeder before purchasing puppies. Pets Place does not take any responsibility for any breeders listed that may not be reputable or up to your standards. This is your responsibilty as the buyer to do your research to make sure all appropriate health tests are don by the person you are purchasing you dog from.

Rediamstaff Kennels
Location: North Waikato, New Zealand


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