American Indian Dog
Indian Song Dog

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American Indian Dog
Indian Song Dog

These very special dogs were selectively bred by the Native Americans for thousands of years. These unique creatures were far more than household pets, enjoying a symbiotic relationship between man and animal that is rare in the annals of the human race.

To discover the origins of the American Indian Dog you must study the legends & history of the Native Americans themselves A trip back in time before Europeans explored the New World. Long before the introduction of the horse, the dog was there to guard, hunt, herd and carry. Their versatility made them essential to the livelihood & survival of the tribal group. The coyote-like appearance of the American Indian dog is not a coincidence. The Native Americans believed the coyote or OGods dogš was the first being on earth, & will be the last. Many tribes actively sought to breed their dogs with coyotes to maintain the dogšs survival instincts, pack loyalty & high intelligence. It should never be confused with the modern hybrids that are created by breeding dogs with wolfs or coyotes. The ancestors of the American Indian Dogs have been traced back before the Ice Age, whilst they were well documented by the Spanish explorers. The largest populations were found among the North American Plains Indians, but the medium ­ sized Hare & Common Indian dogs were also recorded from the sub-artic, through Canada, different parts of the U.S. and down to the tip of South America. Based on observations made between 1780 & 1830, it was estimated that from the Comanche in the south to the Blackfoot in the north there were at least 200,000 of these dogs. Most Indian family groups had around 20 dogs on average. It is believed that the main reason the breeds almost became extinct is that they looked so coyote-like that settlers & soldiers felt as threatened by the dogs as they did by the Indians themselves. The Native Americans bred their dogs carefully.

As a boy, Kim La Flamme, part Blackfoot, used to play with these dogs. He wanted to find out more about these dogs, & was amazed to find out they were considered extinct. When he was only 14 years old he started his quest to find more dogs, by writing to every reservation & Native American organization in Canada, U.S. & Mexico. He found a few dogs of the traditional type, as well as other feral types that he believed, because of the area & their characteristics, had a lot of Indian dog blood in them. He set up a special programm to save this breed; Now more then 40 years later there are more then 200 indian dogs in the US and about 60 indian dogs in Europe. Kim is the president of the American Indian Dog Club and of Song Dog Kennels. He watches the breedingprogramm carefully and makes sure these dogs stay natural and healthy


Life Expectancy

Weight & Height
25 to 40 pounds & 18-21 inches tall

Known Health Problems

Physical Description
These dogs have a coyote like appearance. They have a long wedge-shaped muzzle. The ears are large and erect. The eyes are almond shaped and range in color from yellow to amber or blue. The nose is black or liver colored.

The Indian Dog is the most intelligent, instinctive, natural domestic animal in the world. They can be cautious of strangers. Because of the unique qualities of the American Indian Dog this uncommon breed is not for just anyone. They are very special, devoted to work and need room for exercise. It is recommended that you be a romantic nature lover and willing participant in saving a part of our native culture and history to fully enjoy a unique relationship


Living Conditions


This dog does need daily exercise

Coat Texture

Coat Colors
Variety of Colors



If you want to find out more about the American Indian Dog you can contact Wendy Schrievers of Song Dog Kennels Europe at she is one of the only 2 certified breeders in Europe and helps people to learn about the Indian Dogs


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