American Hairless Terrier

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American Hairless Terrier

United States, 1970s
This breed is directly descended from the Rat Terrier.
The breed is descended from a hairless rat terrier pup that was born in 1972.


Life Expectancy
On average, this breed can live as long as 14-16 years of age

Weight & Height
5 to 16 pounds & 7 to 16 inches tall at the shoulders

Known Health Problems
The American Hairless Terriers can suffer from allergies.
Also, there skin needs to be protected from the son and sunscreen should be applied

Physical Description
This is a small to medium sized dog.
They have a broad head which is slightly domed & wedge-shaped.
The ears are v-shaped and can be erect, tipped or button.
The eyes are round and prominent and can be in a variety of colors.
The nose is Black or self-colored.
The tail is natural and is carried in an upright curve over the dogs back.
The legs are muscular

Playful and intelligent. These dogs are good with children and make a great family companion. They do like to dig and will bark . American Hairless Terriers are athletic and enjoy doing sports such as agility.

American Hairless Terriers are intelligent and easy to train. Socialization should became early on.
Training should be firm and consistant, patience is needed.

Living Conditions
This breed will do ok in an apartment if given proper exercise

Not much grooming required, However the skin does need to be protected from sunburn and cold weather.
Bathing should be done about twice a week

This dog needs to walked daily or allowed to romp around in a fenced yard.
At least 30 minutes of exercise should be given daily.

Coat Texture
Dogs can be bald or coated

Coat Colors
Skin on the bald version can be any color ranging from white, pink,red to black. They can have spots on their skin in any color. Coated versions can be a variety of colors.

The average litter size is around 6 puppies, training should begin early.

Continental Kennel Club
United Kennel Club
American Pet Registry
National Kennel Club


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